Body Kits - Car Mods For Everyone

Body kits are the most common ways to mod cars by serious auto enthusiasts. They are customized parts of a car's exterior that can be fitted to improve the car's working while giving it the killer looks. Ever wanted a sports car? Surely, you would've thought it was impossible for you to afford one. But the good news is - all you need is a good custom body kit!

Almost all aspects of a car's external appearance can be modified with body kits. They can be separate parts or whole packages for a complete makeover.

Body kits are of special interest to racing enthusiasts. Every part of a car's exterior can be modified to give it an edge. While the individual improvements are not very big, it is the collective result that turns a meek family car into a mean racing machine.

A well designed set of improvements include front hood and grill, bumpers, spoilers and roof scoops. It is a pity that most people go for the customizations just for the sake of looks. A wrong set of modifications can leave a car's aerodynamics crippled, reducing fuel efficiency by up to 20-30%. It can also lead to increased strain on the car body. And of course, a wrong set of modifications can leave your car looking like a punk.

Bumpers are used to increase the down force on the car to keep it to the ground when traveling at high speeds. If not properly installed, they can cause the car to flip at dangerous speeds. Low bumpers also give the car a mean look that is instantly noticed. A combination of good front and rear bumpers, along with side skirts is a great way to increase a car's aerodynamics. By reducing the amount of air that goes to the car's belly, a lot of unnecessary drag can be avoided.

Modified grills and hoods that come with auto body kits improve the air flow into the car's front end, with the engine and other important parts in it. This keeps the engine from getting over heated, thus ensuring optimal performance. They also give the car a rich look like a Rolls Royce or a limo. A grill with a fake logo can go a great way to make your car look cooler in today's brand-conscious world.

Body kits can be purchased from any local auto repair shops and showrooms. Many companies also come with factory fitted modifications that ensure perfect fit. The painted graphics on the modifications can be chosen by the car owner to get that dream car! Several themed graphics packs are available with body kits. Body kits are the way to go for adding style to your car. It instantly gives your car the look of a sports vehicle that is not to be messed with.

A good auto body kit can take you from being a gaper to a gape-e! So go on and try to find one that suits your pocket and car. And start living the cool life!



Drive More Comfortably and Safer With LED Car Lights

Drivers these days are unaware of the variations of automotive lights that can improve a car's appearance and performance. They are unaware of the countless products in markets and online stores available for them to choose. Drivers continue to drive with mediocre automotive lighting. Dull colors of red and orange are still used for signal lights. The invention of LED has brought a significant change in automotive technology that go well with cars, motorcycles, and bikes.

With the technology of LED drivers can now transit their vehicles to a better appearance and performance. The installation of LED is the best and most inexpensive way to improve your car's potential. LED is far brighter than the leading stock bulbs providing better lighting for a safer drive. The installation process of LED is quick and simple and requires no professional assistance. LED lights are long lasting and durable providing drivers comfort and no hassle.

LED headlights are commonly referred as the clear tail lights have become one of the top automotive technology used today. The superior durability and quality assures a longer lifespan of the LED lights. LED lights can improve your car's appearance dramatically at an affordable price.

The competitiveness of different cars and bikes has adopted LED technology. The brighter illumination of LED provides a more stylish and prouder aura to the vehicle. Makes like Honda Accord, Ford Escape, and Toyota have all transitioned to the usage of LED.

LED has also made projector headlights which are commonly known as Angel Eyes or Halo headlights. The headlights closely similar to the sun light can illuminate light with higher wavelengths providing a more natural and clear vision at night. The style and safety of LED however are not accessible by older models of cars.

Popular designs of LED include diamond-cut that is known to resemble a bright diamond. The design is energy efficient to vehicles and emits a radiant light that sparkles like a diamond. By adding this design onto your new LED headlights can provide an even more natural and clear light.

LED lights require no modifications such as cutting or drilling of your car. The simple plug and play function provides a quick and easy installation process for anyone. The various collection of color plays an important role to suit the driver's personal taste. The small yet powerful LED provides versatility to drivers who wish to install and customize their car's lighting.

LED is so reliable that even homes have adopted the technology. LED has become very popular on brake lights. LED's lighting expands brightly on the surface of the bulb while maintaining light within the bulb. This technology has caught many drivers attention thus being a popular choice.

LED does not require any reflective function to direct light because the light is already bright and focused. LED provides sufficient light to prevent danger and to provide a more comfortable drive.

Overall, LED lights for cars have been widely used these day and continuing to benefit everybody.

Cheap Car Stereo Systems - What Will Be Sacrificed?

The triangle consumer is effectively what will be sacrificed. In many cases the people will take a greater price for the additional hardware options that they get or will take the lower price for the more simple designs. The third part to this is quality, and this is attributed to a number of factors when one truly is seeking an ideal cheap car stereo.

The first of these factors is the design and the brand that is making the stereo. Some stereos have been shown to be rock bottom in price, yet have a design flaw in them. This has been something that in most cases will not be seen in the short term or possibly in the long term. Sometimes it takes certain cars, trucks, or other machines that will expose the flaw. One of the more common is faulty grounding in the stereo, weak plastic parts, or a design that is not suited for modifications. Small companies have fallen victim to the lack of support and will often show this in ideal cheap car stereo designs that are perfect except in the advances that other brands may offer.

Another factor is stability, as mentioned grounding is one such factor. The suspension in a CD or remote signal feed is another that can cause problems for someone that is going to transverse harsh terrain or spends a large amount of time driving. Sometimes the feeds will be unregulated and this can cause feedbacks to the speakers, hence, creating strain on the sound and hardware.

The last and possibly greatest factor is older and used designs. These are usually cheap car stereos that have been already used or are discontinued. Many of these are in perfect condition and can be easily installed by someone that is knowledgeable in this. A number of these are offered through the manufacturer's website or retail stores (if they have a store), and will be labeled as a number of things. The key thing is that they usually have some small warranty and are not sold "as is" where a number of other places will not offer this.

Some have gone to pawn shops or to used auto part stores for a cheap car stereo, yet these are usually the most risky that someone can get as they are not ensured the be working or that they will not put the rest of the car at risk with any issues that they may have. The one problem that any older car stereo will have is lack of proper documentation that can be offered. This is very common with discontinued stereos.

Volvo Cars Turns 80

Volvo Cars has turned 80 on April 14. In connection to this remarkable milestone, the Swedish automaker rolled off a production consists of antique and modern product lines. As part of its 80th anniversary, Volvo showcased a parade of cars through the Gothenburg city which is its very own hometown.

The parade of cars includes the Volvo OV4 - the automaker's very first car. The parade flaunted eighty years of history which has rolled from the Volvo museum in the outskirts of the city to downtown Gothenburg where the public was invited to gaze at Volvo's engineering and vehicle know-how.

To highlight the event, Carl-Magnus Skogh, 82, a veteran Swedish rally legend, drove a 1927 convertible, the first car that Volvo mass-produced. Skogh was one of the renowned names who have helped the company to become popular on the world map. In the 1960s, along with racing legends like Joginder "Flying Sikh" Singh and Tom Trana, Skogh earned Volvo headlines worldwide with his achievements on the international rally circuit from the Saharan Africa to Greek Acropolis.

Skogh joined Volvo in 1963 after a successful stint as a rally driver for Swedish competitor Saab. He won the Swedish championship in 1960 and 1961, driving a SAAB 96. In 1965, he won the Acropolis Rally in a Volvo Amazon. Skogh's automotive expertise was essential to the automaker not only on race courses around the world, but also in product research and development. In 1978, Skogh set the world speed record for diesel cars with 209 kph in a Volvo 340 that he had modified. The rally legend has also contributed to improving driveability and stability features of the cars.

"I designed the chassis features of the 850," stressed Skogh. The rally legend intimated that he was happy about driving the most important car in the parade. The CEO of Volvo Trucks, Leif Johansson and the CEO of Volvo Cars, Fredrik Arp, were his passengers. "I feel good today. It's an experience to have Leif Johansson and Fredrik Arp in the backseat," said Skogh.

It can be recalled that in 1999, the Swedish premium cars and trucks manufacturer was split into two companies, the Ford Motor Company bought the automobile division. Through the years, Volvo has established a good standing when it comes to both durability and safety. At present, the company is striving to wipe away the boxy image to complete an excellent package.

The Swedish automaker founded in 1997 has eventually become a leading global manufacturer of commercial vehicles. To grab a bigger slice of the automotive market, the founders entertained several upgrades and modifications. The ordinary Volvo brake dust shields and other auto parts and equipment from the automaker were enhanced to offer superb efficiency, ergonomics and safety.