Choose Your Specialization After Mechanic School

Even people that have always known that they would like to become a mechanic still have some very important choices to make. Why? Because there are many different kinds of auto mechanics. Here is a quick look at three kinds: high performance mechanic, diesel mechanic and motorcycle mechanic.

Motor Sports Repair Specialist

Some people who say that they want to become a mechanic actually mean that they want to become a high performance mechanic, trained to service racing cars on and off the track.

People who become mechanics for the racing industry learn many of the same skills as normal mechanics. They are trained to work on:

fuel systems
exhaust systems
cooling systems

But people who go to automotive school to pursue a career in the motor sports industry also need to know about:

in-car camera technology
building custom engines
gear set up
cylinder head modifications
race car ignition coils
modifying race cars

N.B. Race car repair specialists may also follow a different kind of schedule from conventional mechanics. They may also need to travel for their work.

Diesel Repair Specialist

Our freight industry in particular depends on the expertise of diesel repair specialists.

Diesel mechanics learn at automotive school about:

fuel-injection systems
rebuilding engines
cylinder heads

To become a diesel mechanic, one can study diesel engine repair at a mechanic school.

In mechanic school, aspiring diesel mechanics learn how to service such vehicles as:


Like any kind of graduate of mechanic school, diesel repair specialists need both mechanical and electronic knowledge. An increasing amount of their work involves computers. At the same time, they still use the classic tools of the trade, including:

welding tools
grinding machines

N.B. Those who specialize in diesel mechanics in automotive school may find themselves working shifts. Some commercial fleets are maintained on a 24-hour schedule.

Motorcycle Repair Specialist

People who go to mechanic school to pursue a career as a motorcycle mechanic can specialize even further by concentrating on a specific brand of motorcycle, including:

Harley-Davidson motorcycles
Kawasaki motorcycles
Yamaha motorcycles
Mistubishi Motorcs motorcycles
Indian motorcyles
Campagna motorcyles

Some people may be drawn to mechanic school to study motorcycle repair because rising gas prices and concern about emissions may make motorcycles and scooters, which are approximately two times as fuel efficient as most cars, more attractive with the general population.

In automotive school, aspiring motorcycle mechanics can learn about:

different types of engines (four stroke engines, two stroke engines, etc.)

Graduates of automotive school who become repair specialists to work on motorcycles may find work in the following environments:

speciality motorcycle repair shop
motorcycle assembly plant
motorcycle dealership

If you want to become a mechanic, start honing in on a specialty today.

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